chirashi sushi

Originally posted: Jan 2011

chirashi sushi with carrots, snow peas and shrimp

Sushi actually just means ‘vinegar rice’ or ‘sour rice’. There are many different types of sushi – the stuff you generally see in the Japanese restaurants, stuff mixed with rice etc. I was first introduced to chirashi sushi by a Japanese parent of one of my students. The Japanese meal I had at her house was unforgettable and now, no other Japanese food experience (so far) has compared to it. M (the parent) explained to me that most Japanese do not eat the stuff we eat at Japanese restaurants everyday, just like how Chinese people do not eat orange chicken (whatever that is). Japanese home-cooking is actually very simple in taste and easy to make.

I finally had the chance to make this dish because J helped me buy a big bag of Japanese rice (thanks J). This dish is also a good way to use up any leftover veggies or meat. But the quality and freshness of the ingredients does make a huge difference as usual.

This time round I mixed sushi rice (cooked Japanese rice with sushi vinegar) with some boiled snow peas, carrots and baby shrimp. I sprinkled some black sesame seeds on the top. Simple and yummy fare! Am also happy I learnt how to make rice on a stove thanks to this video.


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