rice rolls with char siew

Originally posted: Nov 2010

rice rolls with char siew

Last month I had a craving for char siu which is chinese roasted pork. It’s usually red in color due to the seasoning which has number blah blah red coloring. Anyway, my favorite part of the char siu is the fatty burnt bits that are all sugary and carmelized, burnt to a crisp. I found the char siu seasoning here…a Hawaiian brand. All you needed to do was add water. Pork tenderloin is quite cheap here compared to back home. Anyway, seasoned the porker, roasted the char siu to perfection but because I used the tenderloin, no burnt bits. Just ‘healthier’ portions. The char siu turned out a pretty pink too…hmmmm. Anyway, I had some with rice and decided to wrap some with lettuce using rice paper wraps…it’s a Vietnamese thing. So here are rice rolls with char siu and lettuce. I used hoisin sauce to add some flavor.


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