simple japanese food

Originally posted: Jan 2011

japanese rice with stewed pumpkin, snowpeas and miso soup with kelp knots

Okay, I need someone who can read Japanese to help me decipher how much water I should add to the instant dashi mix. I just used about 600ml, because after spending 10 minutes ‘reading’ the box, I figured that was the most logical amount to add, considering all the other numbers. The soup tasted fine in the end, but I still want to find out what the correct amount is.

Had to use up the pumpkin cause it was turning moldy. Cut away the mouldy bits and stewed it – Japanese style (as taught to me by M). The pumpkin was semi successful, a fleshier pumpkin would result in greater success though as the liquid took a very long time to be absorbed/evaporate as the pumpkin chunks were too small.

For the snow peas, I just popped them into the microwave for two minutes with a little bit of water. Basically steamed them, but not till they were limp. Tossed them with about a tablespoon of oyster sauce and a teaspoon of sesame oil. Topped with fried onions.

With the remaining dashi stock, I made a soup – tofu and kelp knots. Wish I had miso on hand – have to hunt that down here.


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