jerusalem artichokes

One of the best things about living in Montreal is the fresh produce we get from the farms in Quebec. I love going to the markets (especially Jean-Talon) to try and buy fresh produce. I haven’t gone to the market lately because of 1) the weather and 2) time. But I hope to make at least 1 more trip before I leave Montreal.

Last week I was walking around campus and came across a little “stall” selling produce and freshly baked goods from an organic farmer in Quebec. Apparently, the farmer sells his goods on campus daily. Bah, why did I just find out.

I saw these. I thought it was ginger at first but then was piqued by the name “Jerusalem Artichoke”. Never had them before and decided to give them a shot. Apparently they can be used in place of potatoes.

Jerusalem Artichokes - peeled and unpeeled

I wanted to roast them and have them with some roast chicken, but alas they were turning a little soft early on so I quickly peeled them and decided to pan-fry them.

Pan-fried Jerusalem Artichokes.

This resulted in “heaven”. The nutty flavor of the artichoke was lovely and highly addictive. I’m sure it would taste even more spectacular roasted. The best part is, you can also eat it raw – thinly sliced over a salad. The only issue is finding them as they aren’t readily available in supermarkets. The HTB did state though that he has seen them at farmer’s markets.


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