still cooking

Wowzy! It’s been a looonnngg time since I last posted. I’m still here, still cooking.

Since my last post there have been a tonne of changes in my life. My hubs graduated (yay!), we moved for his work and in turn had our first rental-furniture buying-setting up home experience as a couple, I returned home (for work), came back and am now starting to cook again. Technically I never stopped cooking, I just didn’t post – sorry!

I’ve realised a few things about my cooking adventures/habits – some good and some not so good. Maybe it’s laziness or just contentment, but when I find a recipe I really like because it achieves the result/s I want, I stick to it…STICK to it and never venture away from it. Case in point is the brownie recipe I found. I don’t bake anything else anymore when it comes to brownies. This of course does pose some problems. 1) I’ll probably never try out another brownie recipe and that recipe could potentially be more awesome than the one I love. 2) I won’t be challenging myself to expand and try new things.

SO, I have resolved to try out new recipes and expand my horizons and skills.

In the meantime I’m also on the elusive weight loss quest. So to keep myself accountable, I’ll try and post some recipes I’ve been using.

To end, here are a few snaps of things I’ve made over the past few months.

Crispy chicken tenders from Annie’s Eats

Deformed panda loaf

We finally have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!

Used the KitchenAid stand mixer to make macaroons!


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