new era

Well, it’s not really a new new era per se, but rather, the hubs (with contributions from the MIL) bought me a big girl camera for my birthday. He did ask me many times over whether I was serious about taking my photography to another level multiple times before taking the leap. It’s not hard taking my photography to a higher level. Most of the pictures on this blog were taken with a handphone camera – yes, a cellphone camera. I was too lazy to even whip out my 6 year old Canon point and shoot which has more or less died. Anyway, I have decided to take the plunge and be a tad more serious about the picture quality of the eats pictured on this blog. I’ve been experimenting with the camera, the different lenses (the hubs bought a nice macro lens) and the flash attachment (or additional flash thingy you place on the top). I currently have absolutely zero knowledge of photography terms so I have to learn them from scratch. Constructive comments are very much appreciated. I am very much encouraged by the numerous food bloggers out there (Smitten Kitchen, Pioneer Woman etc.) who are largely self-taught and have come a long way. I too, am now on that journey…whee!

  1. Holly said:

    So happy you have blog, Joy!!

  2. ruchan23 said:

    wow spanking new dslr huh! Have loads of fun with it! 😀

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