lahpet – burmese tea leaf salad


I first had lahpet or Burmese tea leaf salad at my in-laws’ place. Their domestic helper is from Myanmar and makes amazing Burmese food. I fell in love with this dish and was very happy when my MIL brought a packet of lahpet for the hubs and I when she visited us in the US. Now we always make it a point to cart home a pack of lahpet from Singapore every time we are back. We haven’t quite looked for lahpet here in the US but was told by a friend who is Chinese-Burmese that the stuff is almost impossible to find here. However, considering the number of Burmese restaurants in the Bay Area, I am sure lahpet is sold here…somewhere. Lahpet is actually a fermented/pickled tea leaf. It is commonly mixed with veggies and a fried bean-garlic mix (also from Myanmar). It can also be mixed with rice. Read more about lahpet here.

To make the salad pictured above I mixed about a tablespoon of lahpet (or more, depending on how much of the tea leaf flavor you want), 2-3 cups of shredded cabbage (as you can see, I used red cabbage, leftovers from my NYE party), 1/2 cup of crunchy bean-garlic mixture (also from Myanmar), and about a tablespoon of shredded pickled ginger (also from Myanmar).

UPDATE (Jan 2015): You can now purchase the fermented tea leaves, crunchy bean mixture, and a Burmese tea salad kit off from this store.

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