mohinga – burmese fish noodle soup


I first had mohinga (a fish noodle soup) at a Burmese restaurant in the Bay Area. I had read about it in a Burmese cookbook given by a friend and was curious about how it would taste. The last time I was back in Singapore, I asked my in-laws’ domestic helper (who is from Myanmar) about it. She helped me buy a mohinga soup mix to bring home. She also bought the special noodles, crispy chick pea cracker and smoked chilli that goes along with the dish.

The version we had at the restaurant was good but the mohinga from the soup packet was awesome possum! It was also very easy to make. The packaged soup base was also made from all natural ingredients, nothing fishy (pun intended) on the ingredients list.

There are recipes for mohinga out there but since this is something I won’t eat everyday, the hubs and I decided to just stick to the once a year packaged soup base. We figured that we would also have to hunt down the chick pea cracker and special noodles if we wanted to make the mohinga from scratch. So for now, here’s a link to a well-reviewed DIY mohinga.



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