garden shots

The hubs and I finally kickstarted our gardening efforts a few weeks ago. I do not posses a green thumb and am pretty anxious that all the plants we bought will die. But the hubs reminded me that ALL plants die – sooner or later and that it’s okay, we can always try again. So far we planted (not from seed though) basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, snap peas, zucchini, Italian parsley and green onions (I replanted these as the previous ones weren’t growing upwards, but rooting instead). We also have two pots of marigolds that emit a scent that is supposed to repel insects. So far, all the plants seem to be doing okay except for the thyme which seems a little limp and the sage which isn’t showing signs of new growth. But I shall remain optimistic and if plant death occurs, we can always get a new plant.

Here’s to fresh veggies this summer!

A few shots of the herbs:





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  1. Lori D said:

    I too, do not have a green thumb, but I’d like to try this some time. Good luck.

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