garden update 1

Our garden is doing pretty well despite the snails and bugs crawling all around. The hubs and I are pretty religious about checking the plants everyday for snails, aphids and other pesky insects. However, no matter what we have done (sprayed neem oil, sprayed soap, scattered Sluggo etc.) the bugs and snails still keep coming, BUT less. We still get the occasional snail and slug (ewww), but the aphids seem to have gone. There are other challenges like unknown leaf curling diseases attacking our zucchini plant and dying leaves on our snap peas, but WE HAVE FLOWERS on our zucchini and snap pea plants. And flowers = fruits! So hopefully, we will get at least some harvest. We exchanged one of our zucchini plants (we had 2) for a kale plant with our friends. The kale plant is doing well and growing, albeit very slowly (as with all our plants). We suspect it’s the lack of full sun. But, nothing has died yet except one marigold plant that was ravaged by (we suspect) a snail.

Here are a few garden shots:

a baby sugar snap pea in the making

tendrils from the pea plants

zucchini flowers

baby kale


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