Photo taken by Duy Le

Hi, I’m Joy and as evidenced by this blog, I love to cook.

I’m an educator (more specifically an early childhood inclusion specialist) by trade. To find out more about my work, click here.

I have a couple of blogs floating around on the world wide web, but recently decided to compile all my cooking adventures (well not all, but most) on this blog. I will be posting my cooking adventures on this blog from now on. My eating adventures are posted on this blog. My budgeting and housekeeping adventures can be found here.

I usually try and post the recipe I used or its link on the post. However, if the recipe is not posted, feel free to post a comment and ask me for it. I might have had a lazy moment.

More tidbits about me:

  • I’ve been married since October 2012, so the HTB refers to my now hubs. We now have one little munchkin, E, who was born in 2015.
  • The hubs and I are Singaporean but we currently live on the West Coast of the US of A. I’ve also lived on the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic of the US during my childhood years and Montreal, Canada during grad school. I find that though the state I currently live in grows a lot of the produce consumed in the US and beyond, it is bigger challenge getting good quality produce here as compared to the eastern side of North America.
  • I have a thing for breakfast foods, especially waffles and eggs. I think the number of waffle recipes on the blog reflect that.
  • I like to bake but am not a huge fan of baked goods in general. I guess it’s mainly because I’m not a sweet-tooth.

About the photographs on the website:

  • I shoot most, if not all the photos on my website. If the photo was not taken by me, credit is given. If I’ve missed out a credit, please drop me an email to let me know. Please do not use my photos without my permission.
  • Since January 2014 I’ve been using a Canon EOS 100D with either the kit lens (EF-S 18-55mm STM) or the SIGMA EX 50mm DG Macro. At times, I also use the Canon Speedlight 320 EX flash. Before getting the Canon EOS 100D, I used either my handphone camera (Nexus 4) or an old Canon point and shoot.
  • I edit some of my photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 Editor.